"We started our journey with MCRH back in March 2018 and they have been nothing short of amazing. My husband and I were both diagnosed with infertility but refused to give up hope and Dr. Corfman and his team refused to give up on us either. We went through 5 IUI procedures before we finally had our success and now we have a beautiful 6 month old baby boy! Every single step of the way they were there to answer questions and calm our nerves and worries. I can't say enough about how happy I am that we chose MCRH to help our journey into parent hood. I recommend everyone to this clinic with their amazing team of specialist!"
– Jennifer

"Vitals.com has awarded Dr. Corfman with the Compassionate Doctor Award for 5 years in a row!"
– MCRH Staff

"Vitals.com has awarded Dr. Corfman with the Patients' Choice Award for 5 Years in a row!"
– MCRH Staff

"Dr. Corfman and his team are amazing! They not only understand you and your journey, but they are patient and treat you as you are a person wanting a family, not "just a patient or number". Dr. Corfman really takes the time to get to know you and your partner/spouse and to really get a feel for what your needs and goals are. He is patient and confident and the best Doctor I've worked with (in general). Infertility is such a stressful and sad journey, but he really makes you feel reassured and regain that hope again. We struggled for 5 years with unsuccessful natural and IUI's and ended up doing IVF, We are now pregnant with TWIN girls. Dr. Corfman and his team are the team to work with."
– Amanda

"I'm not quite sure if my husband or I will ever be able to properly thank Dr. Corfman and all of his staff. We walked into his office for the first time not knowing a thing about IVF- but just knowing we would need it to get pregnant. I did a lot of research before settling on a doctor, and came across MCRH. I read through their handbook before our consult and discovered I would need to lose about 70lbs before I would be seen. Dr. Corfman requires you to be at a BMI equal to or under 30. And honestly- I needed to lose the weight anyway. I appreciated already having a doctor who wasnt going to sugar coat things. Dr. Corfman was knowledgeable and explained the entire IVF process to us our first consult. It was determined we could start for their next series. Every staff member we encountered and interacted with was phenomenal, and I never once felt like I was asking too many questions, or asking dumb questions. I always felt like the staff was here for us, sensitive to our situations, and in our corner. We paid roughly $19,000 for our treatment and to be honest I feel like that is a great price. I never expected this to be cheap. We had a successful fresh IVF cycle and are excited to welcome our little miracle in Feburary of 2021. Thank you, MCRH, for everything."
– Kendra

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