Preparing for pregnancy is an important part of being successful in your endeavors to conceive. Unfortunately, this sometimes involves making some significant changes in lifestyle and social aspects of our lives. Why? Because it is has been clearly shown that things like obesity and cigarette smoking significantly decreases chances for becoming pregnant and delivering a […]

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New guidelines have been put out by the CDC regarding Zika. As you know, the disastrous results on the fetus/baby from a Zika infection are becoming more well known. With this in mind, we will be complying with the CDC recommendations. For possible exposure via recent travel or sex without a condom with a partner […]

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MCRH-Staff-Celebrating Success

The Team. How important it is to have trusted and talented teammates, in general, but it is even more important as we work hard to provide quality, compassionate care to those people who need guidance on their journey through infertility. We are blessed with many teammates who do not work with us in Maple Grove, […]

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