Preparing for Pregnancy


Preparing for pregnancy is an important part of being successful in your endeavors to conceive. Unfortunately, this sometimes involves making some significant changes in lifestyle and social aspects of our lives. Why? Because it is has been clearly shown that things like obesity and cigarette smoking significantly decreases chances for becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby. It is with this in mind that we counsel patients that their chances of realizing their goal of having a healthy baby are greatly improved by losing weight and discontinuing smoking. Does that mean that our team doesn’t want to provide care for smokers or obese patients? Absolutely not! It is our goal to make people aware that their choices may have some pretty negative impacts upon their health and their babies health!

Do we “pick and choose” patients with whom we want to provide care? No! Will I proceed with initiating medical care if I feel strongly that there are medical consequences which will put their lives and the lives of their babies at risk? Absolutely not. In some cases this means that significant lifestyle changes must happen before we will initiate elective treatment. This is sometimes very difficult for an infertile couple to hear, but doing things to “get healthy” before beginning infertility treatment is very, very important for many reasons. It is my conviction that we are not here to communicate to people what they want to hear, but rather to communicate what they need to hear. That is not always well-received, but we try to do this in a compassionate and evidence-based way. Our team provides counseling and help in dealing with medical problems and lifestyle problems that need to be dealt with. Will every person who needs to have significant weight loss, for example, like to hear that news? No, and we understand that. It is, however, the weight of an ever-increasing body of medical evidence upon which we base our recommendations and medical decision making.

We wish good health and happiness and success to every person who honors us with the opportunity to provide care to them. We wish you the best of luck. Remember, good luck is when good preparation meets an opportunity. We make our own luck.

Good luck to each of you.