New Satellite Locations!!!

MCRH-Staff-Celebrating Success

The Team. How important it is to have trusted and talented teammates, in general, but it is even more important as we work hard to provide quality, compassionate care to those people who need guidance on their journey through infertility.

We are blessed with many teammates who do not work with us in Maple Grove, but who go the extra mile to work with us and “grease the skids” while providing care for our patients in their local communities.

There is Sue and Kelly, in Duluth…. Sue, in Mankato. Jen and Lisa Ann, in Wausau. Ginny in Bismarck now, Peggy in the past. Deb and Sandy in St. Cloud. Candy in Minot. Kelly and Marie, in Great Falls MT. In the past, Linette in Fargo.

We are opening clinics in Fargo ND and in Grand Forks ND and will be looking to have exceptional people there to help you or your friends who suffer from infertility. Stay tuned as we provide further updates on our efforts in Fargo and Grand Forks!

These big-hearted people are there to hold your hand or give you an encouraging hug when you need it. They run interference for you when you feel you are beating your heads against a brick wall of big institutions. They make what can be an impersonal bureaucracy tolerable. They help you get from Point A to Point B.

Sure, we have teammates here at MCRH who do this with our local patients every day of the week, and we do our best to support you “long distance”, but it is vitally important that we have teammates in your community that you can trust, that you can lean on, when times are difficult.

We give thanks to each and every one of our teammates, and thank you for doing your best for those whose care is entrusted in our hands.

Thank you.