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Donor Programs, Fertility Clinic in Maple Grove, MN

For Prospective Egg Donors...

With the generosity and compassion of our egg donors, many infertile couples can experience the joy of parenthood. A greater gift cannot be given. We encourage young women in excellent health and willing to consider being an oocyte donor to find out if they might qualify for our program.

Our criteria for becoming an egg donor are stringent, as couples who will receive these precious eggs are placing their hope and dreams upon you as a donor. With this in mind, to be an egg donor you must meet the following minimal criteria:

  • Be between 21 and 32 years of age
  • Have excellent general health
  • Be a non-smoker
  • Be within a normal weight range (BMI 20-26)
  • Have no known genetic disorders, or family history of same
  • Have no tattoos or body piercings within the past year
  • Have current health insurance
  • Live near MCRH or one of our approved satellite clinics

If you meet these requirements and are willing to accept the honor and challenge of being an egg donor, please do take the next step and complete the donor application form. Return the form to MCRH for review by our team. We thank you for taking time to consider being a donor.

MCRH Egg Donor Application

For Prospective Embryo Donors...

Many couples find themselves in the position of having completed their families, yet they have embryos cryopreserved from their IVF treatment. They may face the dilemma what to do with these embryos. Options include directing their storage facility to discard the embryos or to donate these embryos to individuals who are willing to receive them. These couples are well aware of the struggles they went through to finally realize their dreams and feel that gifting these embryos to couples who are struggling with infertility might satisfy their emotional, religious or moral needs. The need for donor embryos is great, and we encourage donation of these embryos using programs already in place at ReproTech, the storage company who receives all embryos cryopreserved at MCRH. Please contact ReproTech and ask for information regarding donation of embryos.

Donor Egg Handbook

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