Want to know why MCRH is not big on doing embryo biopsy and preimplantation genetic screening for each and every patient undergoing IVF? Part of the answer is clearly demonstrated in this article on the downside of genetic testing, namely mosaicism…

“In an editorial accompanying the study, Glenn Schattman, associate professor of reproductive medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, notes that what was surprising is that even embryos with up to 50% of abnormal cells implanted at the same rate as those that tested as normal. And though embryos with more than half abnormal cells had lower implantation and birth rates, the pregnancies still resulted in healthy births, suggesting the abnormal cells were either eliminated or repaired.”

Self-repairs, folks. Not only does preimplantation genetic screening add many thousand dollars of expense to patients, not to mention adding 2 months onto the process (biopsy is done one month, embryos are frozen and replaced two months later), but it is definitely possible (33% chance) that the embryos that showed the ability to self-repair and result in a healthy birth! So, programs who are pushing this technology may be actually discarding “abnormal embryos” that may have subsequently resulted in a normal birth!

Please take a look at this article……/ivf-testing-spurs-a-debate-over-mosai…

We are all about having healthy babies. We are all about building families. We are also not OK with doing testing which is unnecessary (there are a few genetic diseases with which preimplantation genetic diagnosis are important and helpful), costly and more time consuming.

We have watched as many programs have pushed for this technology, and we have sadly seen patients seek out those programs because they are seen as being more “cutting edge”. This is one of those times when we feel that applying this technology across the board is harmful, inappropriate and dangerous.

Dr. C.

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