New guidelines have been put out by the CDC regarding Zika. As you know, the disastrous results on the fetus/baby from a Zika infection are becoming more well known. With this in mind, we will be complying with the CDC recommendations.

For possible exposure via recent travel or sex without a condom with a partner infected with Zika…for women, wait at least 8 weeks after symptoms start or last possible exposure. For men, wait at least 6 months after symptoms start or last possible exposure.

What does this mean to current or prospective patients at MCRH? If you must travel to an at-risk destination, do not plan to undergo infertility treatment until 6 months after you trip. If your male partner travels to an at-risk destination and returns, you should have protection (condom) until the 6 months “quarantine” is over. We will not initiate ANY infertility treatment until that time period has elapsed.

The easiest solution would be for you and your partner NOT to travel to a Zika at-risk destination if you are planning to conceive…PERIOD. That means not booking that trip to a Zika-infected destination, and cancelling any trips to those locations.

This is a horrible disease, and our mission at MCRH is to help you have healthy babies. Please research your travel plans very carefully as you anticipate the very understandable desire to leave the Frozen North this winter and escape to warmer climes!

Thanks for letting us help you safely build your families!