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Providing a Horizon of Hope

The Midwest Center for Reproductive Health, P.A. (MCRH) is one of the nation's leading fertility clinics, dedicated to helping build and complete families. While we have long been recognized at a national and international level for the success we provide for our patients, we pride ourselves in offering you personalized, compassionate care at a local level. By developing a treatment plan which will likely work for you, working many times with your local health care team, we can provide reproductive care in all stages of a patient’s journey toward parenthood - from basic treatment techniques to advanced technology.

While some patients will choose to enter our highly successful In Vitro Fertilization program, we find that most will be successful with relatively simple treatment solutions. It is our goal to help you determine the best course of action…for you. Whether you live in the city or a smaller town, we are ready to help you develop and successfully complete your treatment plan. You need not live in the Twin Cities to take advantage of compassionate, high quality infertility care.

Dr. Corfman, Minnesota Monthly




New guidelines have been put out by the CDC regarding Zika. As you know, the disastrous results on the fetus/baby from a Zika infection are becoming more well known. With this in mind, we will be complying with the CDC recommendations.

For possible exposure via recent travel or sex without a condom with a partner infected with Zika...for women, wait at least 8 weeks after symptoms start or last possible exposure. For men, wait at least 6 months after symptoms start or las...t possible exposure.

What does this mean to current or prospective patients at MCRH? If you must travel to an at-risk destination, do not plan to undergo infertility treatment until 6 months after you trip. If your male partner travels to an at-risk destination and returns, you should have protection (condom) until the 6 months "quarantine" is over. We will not initiate ANY infertility treatment until that time period has elapsed.

The easiest solution would be for you and your partner NOT to travel to a Zika at-risk destination if you are planning to conceive...PERIOD. That means not booking that trip to a Zika-infected destination, and cancelling any trips to those locations.

This is a horrible disease, and our mission at MCRH is to help you have healthy babies. Please research your travel plans very carefully as you anticipate the very understandable desire to leave the Frozen North this winter and escape to warmer climes!

Please monitor the CDC website for more updates: https://www.cdc.gov/…/pregnan…/women-and-their-partners.html

Thanks for letting us help you safely build your families!

Dr. C

Become an Egg Donor


Have you ever wanted to be part of something that could help change someone's life forever? Why not consider donating eggs (oocytes) for couples whose only real hope of conceiving lies with getting help from someone like you?!

We have an active donor egg program at MCRH, having helped many, many couples conceive who would not have been able to do so without the help of an insightful, kind and generous woman who was willing to donate eggs. These donors have made dreams come ...true for many people who are now parents and grandparents.

We continue to actively seek women who are between 21 and 33 years of age, who are in good health, who are non-smokers, and who have a body mass index of between 19 and 27.

If you, or someone you know, might qualify as a donor please contact us at MCRH for more information. We would be happy to share our thoughts on how you can help us build families.

Thank you!

Dr. C.

New Satellite Locations!!!


The Team. How important it is to have trusted and talented teammates, in general, but it is even more important as we work hard to provide quality, compassionate care to those people who need guidance on their journey through infertility.

We are blessed with many teammates who do not work with us in Maple Grove, but who go the extra mile to work with us and "grease the skids" while providing care for our patients in their local communities.

There is Sue and Kelly, in Duluth.... Sue, in Mankato. Jen and Lisa Ann, in Wausau. Ginny in Bismarck now, Peggy in the past. Deb and Sandy in St. Cloud. Candy in Minot. Kelly and Marie, in Great Falls MT. In the past, Linette in Fargo.

We are opening clinics in Fargo ND and in Grand Forks ND and will be looking to have exceptional people there to help you or your friends who suffer from infertility. Stay tuned as we provide further updates on our efforts in
Fargo and Grand Forks!

These big-hearted people are there to hold your hand or give you an encouraging hug when you need it. They run interference for you when you feel you are beating your heads against a brick wall of big institutions. They make what can be an impersonal bureaucracy tolerable. They help you get from Point A to Point B.

Sure, we have teammates here at MCRH who do this with our local patients every day of the week, and we do our best to support you "long distance", but it is vitally important that we have teammates in your community that you can trust, that you can lean on, when times are difficult.

We give thanks to each and every one of our teammates, and thank you for doing your best for those whose care is entrusted in our hands. Thank you.

Dr. C.

Preparing for Pregnancy


Preparing for pregnancy is an important part of being successful in your endeavors to conceive. Unfortunately, this sometimes involves making some significant changes in lifestyle and social aspects of our lives. Why? Because it is has been clearly shown that things like obesity and cigarette smoking significantly decreases chances for becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby. It is with this in mind that we counsel patients that their chances of realizing their goal of having a healthy baby are greatly improved by losing weight and discontinuing smoking. Does that mean that our team doesn't want to provide care for smokers or obese patients? Absolutely not! It is our goal to make people aware that their choices may have some pretty negative impacts upon their health and their babies health!

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 Zika Virus

To learn more about the Zika Virus, please go to http:www.cdc.gov/zika/