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Providing a Horizon of Hope

The Midwest Center for Reproductive Health, P.A. (MCRH) is one of the nation's leading fertility clinics, dedicated to helping build and complete families. While we have long been recognized at a national and international level for the success we provide for our patients, we pride ourselves in offering you personalized, compassionate care at a local level. By developing a treatment plan which will likely work for you, working many times with your local health care team, we can provide reproductive care in all stages of a patient’s journey toward parenthood - from basic treatment techniques to advanced technology.

While some patients will choose to enter our highly successful In Vitro Fertilization program, we find that most will be successful with relatively simple treatment solutions. It is our goal to help you determine the best course of action…for you. Whether you live in the city or a smaller town, we are ready to help you develop and successfully complete your treatment plan. You need not live in the Twin Cities to take advantage of compassionate, high quality infertility care.

Dr. Corfman, Minnesota Monthly

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Preparing for Pregnancy


Preparing for pregnancy is an important part of being successful in your endeavors to conceive. Unfortunately, this sometimes involves making some significant changes in lifestyle and social aspects of our lives. Why? Because it is has been clearly shown that things like obesity and cigarette smoking significantly decreases chances for becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby. It is with this in mind that we counsel patients that their chances of realizing their goal of having a healthy baby are greatly improved by losing weight and discontinuing smoking. Does that mean that our team doesn't want to provide care for smokers or obese patients? Absolutely not! It is our goal to make people aware that their choices may have some pretty negative impacts upon their health and their babies health!

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